Here are some of the projects that I am proud to share with you!

HTN 2023

HTN 2023 -

Optml allows the user to graphically design and tune their own machine learning model, learning what important terms mean, and more importantly, what they do in the process!


NTP Internship

This summer I worked as a software engineering research intern at the Northern Tornadoes Project. I mainly worked on a project called NTP Insights.

Year 2 Final Project

Second Year Final Project

Top-down RPG shooter built in Python using pygame along with Tiled. Built with a custom A* pathfinding algorithm and a real-time rasterized lighting engine.

HW 2022

HW 2022 - wikiNow

At HW 2022, my team designed a fun application that will create wikiNow articles using Natural Language Processing and Latent Diffusion Modeling.

HTN 2022


At HTN 2022, my team designed a convenient but accurate platform for consumers and businesses to introduce alternative energy sources in their homes and offices.

NTP Crowd Sourcing

NTP Crowd Sourcing

A fullstack application built to scrape Twitter for tornadoes around Canada and filter/curate the findings. They are then displayed on a web dashboard alongside a map.


Mucy the Meerkat

An application designed in Flutter to provide free mental-health support to children. It's and easy to use mental health tool available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.