Here are some of the projects that I am proud to share to you!

Second Year Final Project

Year 2 Final Project

Top-down RPG shooter built in Python using pygame along with Tiled. Built with a custom A* pathfinding algorithm and a real-time rasterized lighting engine.

View Wed May 10 2023

HW 2022 - wikiNow

HW 2022

At HW 2022, my team designed a fun application that will create wikiNow articles using Natural Language Processing and Latent Diffusion Modeling.

View Sun Nov 20 2022


HTN 2022

At HTN 2022, my team designed a convenient but accurate platform for consumers and businesses to introduce alternative energy sources in their homes and offices.

View Tue Sep 20 2022

NTP Crowd Sourcing

NTP Crowd Sourcing

A fullstack application built to scrape Twitter for tornadoes around Canada and filter/curate the findings. They are then displayed on a web dashboard alongside a map.

View Fri Jun 17 2022

Mucy the Meerkat


An application designed in Flutter to provide free mental-health support to children. It's and easy to use mental health tool available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

View Thu Jun 16 2022